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  • ...that Sniper is actually from the lost land of New Zealand?

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  • ...that on the map Banana Bay there is a hidden ritual to Poopy Joe near BLU spawn?
  • ...that there are two RED Spy indicators on the BLU's dashboard in Meet the Spy?
  • ...that the Fan O'War was originally going to be for Soldier instead of Scout?
  • ...that the Teleporter is the only building that does not change in appearance when upgraded?
  • ...that the Degreaser's airblast was originally intended to be chargeable, similar to the Stickybomb Launcher?
  • ...that the scrapped Nail Gun's ammo belt appears in the bottom space of a Dispenser, regardless of level?
  • ...that both Miss Pauling's contract voiceline and final page of the Blood Money comic allude to Spy beating a DNA test?

  • ...that in Meet The Spy the RED Spy while disguised as BLU Scout pretended to cut himself on the blunt side of his Knife?
  • ...that the Stickybombs placed during Setup time or Mann vs. Machine while under effect of the Kritzkrieg disappear if the Medic changes class?
  • ...that players on the winning team during Humiliation can respawn via switching classes?
  • ...that the Dragon's Fury projectile can be reflected?
  • ...that 14 Golden Wrenches were destroyed for charity?
  • ...that the Rescue Ranger's sine wave changes depending on the amount of metal the player has?
  • ...that a soccer ball can spawn when you equip with Ball-Kicking Boots?

  • ...that Abraham Lincoln invented stairs?
  • ...that there are Cool Beans hidden on the map Banana Bay?
  • ...that Valve for a while accidentally changed unusual drop rate to 100% on some old crates on 25th July 2019?
  • ...that the Whoopee Cap's description references Jughead Jones, of Archie Comics fame, who is well-known for wearing a similar cap?
  • ...that the music from the Kazotsky Kick taunt can be heard in the CS:GO map Train, coming from a small radio inside the kitchen?
  • ...that the Clinical Trial is the only item set in the game that doesn't feature a cosmetic?
  • ...that at point blank range the Force-A-Nature deals more damage than Soldier's Rocket Launchers (except the Direct Hit)?

  • ...that it is possible to perform a flare jump using the Flare Gun at a very specific angle on some locations of the maps?
  • ...that it is possible to survive performing the Soldier's Kamikaze taunt by colliding with a ceiling before the explosion part of the taunt?
  • ...that the Minigun is named Sasha, the Brass Beast is named Oksana, the Huo-Long Heater is named Sheila, and the Tomislav is named Svetlana?
  • ...that Heavy has a PHD in Russian literature?
  • ...that the Your Eternal Reward is a reference to Aladdin?
  • ...that when Demoman cleaned up at Merasmus's home, he lost his eye?
  • ...that the oldest known unusual is a Circling Peace Sign Stout Shako?

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