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Gang Garrison 2
Basic Information



MedO, mrfredman, Synnah


August 7, 2008





Gang Garrison 2 was created for the TIGSource Forums’ Bootleg Demake Contest. As the title of the contest suggests, the game aims to "demake" Team Fortress 2 using retro-styled sounds and graphics while retaining most of the gameplay of the original game, but it replaces the original names of any items or classes in Team Fortress 2 with Gang Garrison 2's own names. The game itself is written and created using the proprietary software application Game Maker.

The game works very much like Team Fortress 2's game interface. The game enables players to customize game options, and host online matches. Elements of the original title are parodied such as a tongue-in-cheek recreation of the Steam interface, an 8-bit style remix of the Team Fortress 2 theme, and Valve's introduction splash being replaced with a suitably retro logo for the fictional company, "FAUCET".

Although some may refer to it as an 8-bit or 16-bit game, it truly is neither since many elements have different graphic resolutions. For example, the maps or levels have less resolution than the character sprites; however, some effects (such as smoke or explosions) have much more resolution than any other element.

Gang Garrison 2 was nominated for Indie Game of the Year 2010 on indieDB. While the game did not win, it was voted the 9th best indie game of 2010.[1]


As of version 2.8, the game has eight game modes:

  • Capture The Flag: Find the opposing team's Intelligence and return it to the location of your Intelligence to score a point. Score a certain number of points to win the round.
  • Control Point: Control Point comes in two varieties, Standard or Attack/Defend:
  • Standard: Capture all the control points to win the match.
  • Attack/Defend: The RED team must capture all of the control points to win, while the BLU team must prevent the RED team from doing so.
  • Arena: There is no respawning in this mode, and the last team standing wins the round. If neither team finishes the other off, a control point will become available for one of the team to capture in order to win the round. Round wins are cumulative, and the team with the most rounds won at the end wins the match.
  • Generator: An original mode exclusive to Gang Garrison 2. Both teams have their own special generator, which are the objectives of the map. A team must keep their generator running, while also destroying the enemy generator to win. The generators have a regenerating force field that protects them.
  • King of the Hill: There exists a lone control point in the center of the map. Both teams compete to take control to start their countdown. The first team to hold onto the point for 3 full minutes is victorious.
  • Dual King of the Hill: An original mode exclusive to Gang Garrison 2. Both teams have a single home control point. They must take control of the opposing point to begin their countdown and defend the opposing point from being taken. While both control points are taken by one team, that team's home point is locked.
  • Invasion (A/D CTF): An original mode exclusive to Gang Garrison 2. One team has to bring the briefcase to the enemy base and plant it there, while opposite team has to prevent the attacking team from doing so. Hit the cap limit or time out the match as defenders to win!
  • Team Deathmatch: Kill enemy players to rack up your team's points. The first team to hit the limit wins!


A Firebug defends against an ambushing Runner. Note that this is an earlier version of the game, the HUD has changed considerably.
A RED Rocketman waits in the RED respawn area. Note the differences in the HUD from the earlier version of the game.

WASD: Run around, jump

Mouse: Aim

Left mouse: Fire Weapon

Right mouse: Use Special Ability

B: Drop Intelligence

E: Call for Healer

F: Taunt

Z, X, C: Chat Menus (Emotes, Interests, and Commands)

N, M: Change Team/Class

Left Shift: Show Scores

The Right Mouse button differs in function based on the class you use. The Detonator can use it to detonate his mines, the Infiltrator can use it to Cloak, the Overweight can use it to consume a Manvich, the Firebug can use it to airburst (or to Flareblast[1]), the Rifleman can use it to scope in, the Healer can use it to fire his Syringe Gun (or activate his superburst), and the Constructor can build Autoguns on the spot with it.

Class Differences Between Team Fortress 2 and Gang Garrison 2

Team Fortress 2 Gang Garrison 2 Class Differences
Class Health Class Health
125 Runner 100 The 2D environment makes dodging harder but makes double jumping and taking shortcuts easier. Also, the 2D environment also makes sneaking up on enemies harder due to the fact that everyone can see what is around them. However, "dancing" is emulated by many classes having deadzones very close to them where their projectiles cannot appear. Also, the Scattergun's projectiles can be some of the fastest moving projectiles in the game thanks to inertia inheritance, and it has among the highest damage output in the game at point blank range.
200 Rocketman 160 Rocket jumping is simpler as the Rocketman, not requiring crouching in order to achieve maximum height or speed. Rockets can pass through teammates at any range, however, they disappear some time after being fired, and passing through teammates makes this time earlier.
175 Firebug 120 The Firebug's Flamethrower has regenerative ammo while the Pyro's Flamethrower has 200. Airblasting while using primary fire will send a flare flying in the direction the Firebug is aiming, providing a ranged-damage option.
175 Detonator 120 It is harder to set traps as The Detonator as the foe has better view of the map. The 2D environment makes it harder for foes to dodge stickies. Mines do not need to arm before detonating them, and pass through every character on the battlefield, but not buildings. All explosions detonate mines within their range, including mine explosions. It's possible to knock rockets around with mines, given good timing. It is possible to knock teammates around with mines, making damage-less stickyjumps possible, although it requires incredible coordination.
300 Overweight 200 The 2D environment makes it harder to go around the Overweight. The Overweight's Chaingun has regenerative ammo and does not need to spin-up while Heavy's Minigun has 200 ammo and must spin-up to fire. Additionally, the Overweight can jump while firing his Chaingun. The Overweight's Manvich heals for 200 health and recharges in roughly 45 seconds, but cannot drop them for teammates.
125 Constructor 120 The 2D environment makes it harder to go around the Constructor's Autogun, however it is blind to the 90 degrees directly above and below it. The Constructor gradually gains nuts and bolts over time, but can only make a single un-upgradeable autogun and no other buildings. He is also unable to repair the autogun. The Constructor's autogun costs 100 nuts and bolts while the Engineer's sentry costs 130 metal.
150 Healer 120 The Healer's Medi Gun does not curve around corners. He is also unable to overheal his allies. Deploying a Superburst on a teammate will grant them unlimited ammunition as well as invulnerability.
125 Rifleman 120 The 2D environment makes it harder to hit foes if your teammates are blocking your shots. The scope gives the Rifleman better view of the map. The Rifleman can jump while scoped-in, albeit at a lower height. The Rifleman is unable to perform headshots.
125 Infiltrator 100 The Infiltrator's Cloak does not power down, and he cannot disguise. He can only use his Knife while cloaked, which has a windup and will temporarily immobilize him. Stabs are always a instant kill even if not a backstab, and can kill up to two targets at once. Lacking a Sapper, the Knife can dispose of an Autogun in a single strike.


Class Role

RED Runner Portrait BLU Runner Portrait RED Runner In-game sprite BLU Runner In-game sprite
The Runner

The Runner is the fastest class in the game. He excels at recovering objectives like capturing the Intelligence and capturing control points, thanks to his speed and ability to double jump. His health is 100, and he fires 6 bullets per shot at 8 damage per bullet.

RED Rocket man Portrait BLU Rocket man Portrait RED Rocket man In-game sprite BLU Rocket man In-game sprite
The Rocketman

The Rocketman has very high health and holds a Rocket Launcher. His Rocket Launcher deals 55 damage per shot, can cause splash damage, and has a large range, but it possesses a slow rate of fire and only has 4 ammo. It can also be used to rocket jump, using the explosion to launch yourself into the air. This allows you to go higher than a Runner, but he is still a much less agile combatant.

RED Firebug Portrait BLU Firebug Portrait RED Firebug In-game sprite BLU Firebug In-game sprite
The Firebug

The Firebug is the only 'melee' unit in the game. He is quick and packs quite a punch (30 flames per second, each dealing 3 damage). The Flamethrower has a short range, about 5 times the Firebug's width, and is strongest at point blank range. It also has an afterburn effect which deals damage over time. The Firebug has the ability to airblast; this can deflects rockets, push sticky grenades away, and extinguish afterburn.

RED Detonator Portrait BLU Detonator Portrait RED Detonator In-game sprite BLU Detonator In-game sprite
The Detonator

The Detonator hurls up to 8 mines from his gun and can detonate them remotely. Just a few mines can kill any unit (25-50 damage). He excels at long range, but up close, he needs skill and reflexes to take out his enemies. The Detonator is one of the less mobile units in the game. He can jump using the explosions from his mines, but this will take off quite a bit of his health.

RED Overweight Portrait BLU Overweight Portrait RED Overweight In-game sprite BLU Overweight In-game sprite
The Overweight

The Overweight is really fat which makes him very slow and gives him a very low jump, but it also grants him the most health of any class. He wields a huge chain gun, which deals 120 damage per second, at 8 damage per bullet. His bullets are very compact at close range, but spread out over longer distances. A Healer is his best friend, together they are a force to be reckoned with due to their constant healing. By clicking the right mouse button, the Overweight can eat one of his Manvich which can restore his health slightly, but it leaves him defenseless for the duration of its consumption. Unlike the Heavy in Team Fortress 2, the Overweight can jump while shooting his chaingun.

RED Constructor Portrait BLU Constructor Portrait RED Constructor In-game sprite BLU Constructor In-game sprite
The Constructor

The Constructor is like a cross between the Runner and Detonator. He wields a Shotgun which shoots 5 bullets at 7 damage per bullet and has the ability to make Autoguns. These are stationary gun turrets that will riddle nearby enemies with bullets on sight. However, these Autoguns cannot be upgraded or repaired.

RED Healer Portrait BLU Healer Portrait RED Healer In-game sprite BLU Healer In-game sprite
The Healer

The Healer is the only unit that can heal. To summon a Healer to help you, just yell "MEDIC!" (keyboard key "E"). He constantly regenerates health and can heal friendly teammates at a steady rate with his Medi Gun by holding the left mouse button. He can utilize his Syringe Gun with the right mouse button, which has a very quick rate of fire, but it greatly lacks in range and power. He has average mobility. He is best used as a healing support unit. Healing teammates builds the Healer's superburst meter. When it is completely filled, the Healer can grant himself and a teammate temporary invincibility and infinite ammo! Simply heal a teammate and right click at the same time to activate the Healer's superburst.

RED Rifleman Portrait BLU Rifleman Portrait RED Rifleman In-game sprite BLU Rifleman In-game sprite
The Rifleman

The Rifleman wields a Sniper Rifle, its shots connect instantly and have the largest range of any weapon. Using alternate-fire, the player can toggle between scoping in and out. Much like in TF2, scoping in will begin charging the power of the shot. A full charge is enough to deal a considerable amount of damage to a target, but its chief drawback is a slow rate of fire. It is mainly effective at long ranges, but if the Rifleman is skillful, he can take enemies down even at close range. Firing his rifle shows a team-colored beam; however, that can give away his location.

RED Infiltrator Portrait BLU Infiltrator Portrait RED Infiltrator In-game sprite BLU Infiltrator In-game sprite
The Infiltrator

The Infiltrator is a very sneaky unit. He can Cloak, come up behind you, and shoot you! The Infiltrator can Cloak and uncloak with the right mouse button. He has a Revolver with a good amount of power and range, but it can only shoot while the Infiltrator is uncloaked. Using primary-fire while cloaked will begin a stabbing motion that is an instant kill, regardless if it's a backstab or not. If the Infiltrator is behind an opponent, the opponent cannot see him.

RED Quote In-game sprite BLU Curly Brace In-game sprite
The Secret Class

The Secret Class can be accessed by pressing Q on the class selection screen. They are Quote (RED team) and Curly Brace (BLU team): characters from Cave Story, using a Bubbler and the Blade, two weapons from said game.

Unused content

  • The Civilian, like in Team Fortress 2, was cut from the game; a frame of its unanimated sprite can be downloaded from the Gang Garrison 2 website.[2]
  • There are special sprites for falling autoguns in the source code, which have a parachute attached. Autoguns in Gang Garrison 2 fall to the floor where their Constructor is standing when they're placed, which the sprites are assumed to be for. For some reason, these sprites aren't being used for falling autoguns.[3]


  • In the early stages of Gang Garrison 2 's development, Quote was the character used when the engine was being written. When the first version was to be released, Quote was left in as a class for RED team and Beta Quote was used as a class for BLU team. During Cave Story 's development, Quote's beta appearance was Blue and used the name Curly Brace. Much later in Gang Garrison 2 's development, Curly Brace replaced Beta Quote as BLU team's secret class representative.
  • Every 7th of September, all classes don a Party Hat to honor the 'birthday' of Gang Garrison 2. In addition, blood spatter is replaced with confetti.
  • Gang Garrison 2 released their own version of the Saxxy Awards called "Haxxy Awards", hosted by Haxton Sale himself (parody of Saxton Hale). Haxxys were awarded in:
  • Haxxys 2011: Finalists each received a full set of death animations for the 9 classes, which turn corpses into golden statues.
  • Haxxys 2012: Finalists received full sets of golden weapons for 9 classes. Other places received golden weapons for one chosen class.
  • Haxxys 2013: Finalists received full set (for 9 classes) of bobblehead masks of Haxton Sale. Other places received a mask of Haxton Sale for one chosen class. Additionally, a lottery was opened in which 9 random postings in the GG2 forum lottery thread were selected, awarding each of the selected posters one of 9 golden weapons (1 weapon awarded per class).
  • Haxxys 2014: Finalists received full sets of golden cosmetic items for 9 classes (belts, pouches, etc.). Second places received 3 golden cosmetic items for their selected classes and third places received one selected item. A GG2 forum lottery awarded one of 4 golden weapons or 5 Haxton Sale masks (1 item per class) to 9 random participants.
  • Haxxys 2015: In this year, rewards were the same as the previous Haxxys. The GG2 forum lottery gave away 3 golden weapons, 3 masks of Haxton Sale, and 3 golden cosmetic items, one item per class, one item to each of nine winners.
  • In 2014, Haxxy Awards were released with "Raybanns" hosted by Ray Bann, CEO Bann Co., in an effort to take over Fredmann Co. (named after mrfredman, creator of GG2). Similar to contracts in TF2, Raybanns were in-game and GG2 forum challenges, for which the community could earn a top hat, a top hat with golden monocle, or a death animation, "money explosion". Achieving 100% of the 2014 edition contracts granted a golden cosmetic item for one chosen class. Raybanns was repeated in 2015, but awarded 2015 Haxxy award items for 1, 2, or 3 classes.



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