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The Weapon Demonstration project's goal is to build a complete library of videos demonstrating the various aspects of all weapons in Team Fortress 2.

  • The idea: To have one consistent video style demonstrating how weapons work.
  • The objective: To demonstrate how weapons work: firing animation, reloading animation, projectile trajectory, speed, damage, and simply viewmodel.
  • The benefits: Consistent, one video per page (quiets those wanting to add their own video), looks good.

Reference video

Following the structure of the following videos should give you a basic idea of what is expected.





  • Being able to run TF2 at a resolution of 1920x1080 or higher (16:9 ratio), at more than 30 frames per second, on medium settings or higher, with DirectX 9, and at least 2x antialiasing. See List of screen recording programs.
  • Necessary custom files: weaponref.7z. This can be extracted using 7zip. The weaponref folder and 2 VPK files go into <your team fortress 2 folder>/tf/custom.
  • Having the item you want to demonstrate in either Normal, Unique, Vintage, or Genuine quality (no name tag, no description tag, no craft number, no gifted weapons, and no Community weapons). If you have a Unique variant of the weapon, use it in preference to Vintage/Genuine. Exceptions can be made for weapons that cannot exist in any of these qualities. If the weapon has multiple styles, use the default one (the one that is selected when the weapon drops). If the weapon can be sprayed on, don't spray anything on it.
Pictogram comment.png Note: If you edit your game files to demonstrate a weapon, there must not be any way to tell that you did so (identical item level, plausible quality, same attributes, non-visibly-photoshopped loadout screen).


  • The video should be recorded on tr_karma (preferred), tr_karma_event (for Halloween-related weapons only), or tr_target_weaponref_hdr (legacy, still acceptable if reusing .dem replays recorded on it or if you have performance issues with the other maps).
  • The configuration file to use will be available in the custom files.
  • Disable any custom HUD you may have; the included demonstration.vpk will override it.
    • Some demonstration videos may require a split-screen. If yours does, try this file. If it doesn't work, try running the game in a window at a half-width (-width 960 -height 1080 -window) or third-width resolution (-width 640 -height 1080 -window). If you use Source Recorder, you can record the demo at normal full resolution, then relaunch the game at half-width resolution and render the demo from it.
  • No skins, no custom models, and no custom sounds.
  • Disable the Steam overlay or go offline; quiet all background applications that would interfere with the recording.
  • Open TF2, open the console, and then type: map tr_karma, map tr_karma_event, or map tr_target_weaponref_hdr. Wait for the map to load.
  • Once the map has loaded, pick the class corresponding to the weapon you want to demonstrate.
  • In the Backpack, select Show quality color borders.
  • Before doing the demonstration, use the A loadout. Make sure the only thing equipped is the weapon that you want to demonstrate (possible exceptions are weapons that are meant to be demonstrated together, for example, Jarate + Bushwacka). Leave all other weapon slots with the default weapon that comes in these slots and also leave the cosmetics slots empty. If you are demonstrating a taunt, equip it in the first slot and leave all others spaces empty. If you are demonstrating a item set, only equip the pertinent items.
  • Wait for the setup time to finish and verify that your new loadout has been equipped (by taunting).
  • Open the console (press `) and type exec configfilename. Four bots will spawn: A Pyro in front of you, a Soldier on the right side at mid-range, a Medic on the left side at long-range, and a Spy behind the crates on the left side (not visible by default). Re-executing the file will respawn all the bots at the correct location, in case you mess up. Pressing F makes the bots fire. Pressing N toggles "noclip".
  • Check the class icon for all weapons that will be equipped. If any of them are glitched, use the no3d console command to use the old icons. You can use go3d to undo this change.
  • Open your Backpack, click the weapon you want to demonstrate, and press "Keep" so that your avatar equips it in the loadout preview. Rotate the loadout preview to show off the weapon.
  • Move your mouse over the weapon slot and wait for the tooltip to appear.
  • Always have auto-reloading disabled (cl_autoreload 0).
  • Disable random crits to prevent unwanted crits (tf_weapon_criticals 0; tf_weapon_criticals_melee 0).


  • Start recording, but don't move your mouse until you have had the time to read all the attributes on the tooltip. The mouse cursor must be visible on the recording.
  • Without moving your mouse off of the item slot, press Esc to close the backpack.
    • If the weapon's tooltip covers up part of or the entirety of the weapon slot (which is the case for weapons with large descriptions), move your mouse away from the slot to let the viewer see the weapon's icon for 2 seconds, and then press Esc.
    • Optional: you may switch away and then back to the weapon (make sure to let all animations play out in full) to demonstrate the holstering and equipping animations.
  • Demonstrate the weapon. There are exceptions, but the process generally goes like this for non-melee weapons:
    • Wait a few seconds doing nothing.
    • If the weapon has an inspection animation, perform it, and then wait another second after the animation ends before moving on.
    • Shoot once at the Pyro. Wait a bit.
    • Finish off the Pyro.
    • Kill the Soldier. If the weapon is a melee weapon, you can jump out of the initial zone.
    • Kill the Medic. If you are using a melee weapon, give yourself crits by pressing ⇧ Shift while hitting the Medic.
    • If you are demonstrating a non-melee weapon, try to shoot the wooden target at the far back.
    • Reloading: Reload only when the demonstrated weapon is fully out of ammo, or when it's the end of the first clip. Always let the reload animation finish completely. This rule doesn't apply to non-demonstrated weapons, to other players/bots involved in the demonstration, and to clips other than the first (Pyro+Soldier+Medic) one.
    • After the final reload, taunt, and then wait for the camera to move all the way back to the first-person perspective.
      • If the weapon has a Kill taunt, use it on the Spy (he is hiding behind one of the crates). The Spy must not show up on the video until the time to taunt kill him has come.
  • For melee weapons, the procedure is slightly different: Pyro and Soldier are the same, but once they are dead, you must:
    • Walk to the Medic
    • Stop walking when you are close enough to be able to hit the Medic
    • (Wait 1 second, staring at the Medic)
    • Hold ⇧ Shift
    • (Wait 2 seconds, still staring at the Medic but this time with your weapon glowing)
    • Kill the medic, still holding ⇧ Shift
    • (Wait for 1 second, looking at the Medic's dead body) (You may have to wait longer if your class decided to say a voice clip; in this case, wait until the voice clip is over)
    • Release ⇧ Shift
    • (Wait one more second)
    • Taunt as usual
    • If the weapon cannot crit randomly but can crit under certain circumstances (Gunslinger), then you are free to do whatever you want as long as you make it crit at least once, whether that is during the first (main) clip or not.
    • If the weapon can crit randomly and can also crit under certain circumstances (Sun on a Stick), then show both the crit on the Medic as described above and the special-circumstances crit using any way you want.
    • If the weapon cannot crit by itself in any way but can be made to crit with an external source (Kritzkrieg etc) (Southern Hospitality), then don't show crits. Just kill the Medic without crits.
  • For items that are equippable by multiple classes:
    • For weapons, demonstrate the weapon on each class individually, and concatenate the videos, including a backpack view for each class.
    • For cosmetics with gameplay effects (usually just changing the killfeed) which work the same way across all classes, demonstrate in full for one class only, and then have each subsequent class only show the loadout view and the in-game view of the cosmetic. No need to re-demonstrate the gameplay effect.
  • If the weapon has resistance/vulnerability to fire/explosive/bullets/etc., show a split-screen with and without the items equipped (and if necessary, equipped but holstered). (See the Chargin' Targe video for an example.)
  • If the weapon has other attributes, do what you feel is best to demonstrate the effect of that attribute.
  • End the recording.


  • You may not modify the contrast, speed, size, etc. of the video.
  • Add one of the training_vid_*.mp3 files from .../steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/tf2_sound_misc_dir.vpk → sound → misc. If necessary, adjust the relative volumes between music and in-game sounds to match the ratio of the reference video. The default volume should be okay though. Here is a set of pre-lengthened music files by Karmacharger.
  • Convert your video to a web-friendly format: It is recommended that you use x264vfw, single-pass, quantizer-based with q being smaller than or equal to 20. Both 30fps and 60fps videos are accepted.


Please upload your video to YouTube as "Unlisted". Then provide the URL of the video to the Talk page. Keep the original video file as you will have to upload it to some file hosting service (preferably MediaFire) in order for it to be uploaded to Team Fortress Wiki's Official TF2 Wiki YouTube channel.

Once the final version of the demonstration is accepted, .dem files must be provided for each clip in the demonstration. Check out Help:Recording demos for help on how to do that, though the only commands you need are record somefilename and stop. The demos should be uploaded here. Please email WindPower to get a password.

Talk page reservations

On the talk page, anyone can reserve a weapon demonstration that is either needed or to be redone. A reservation is only meant to serve as an indication that someone is already working on a demonstration, in order to avoid conflicts and frustration later when multiple people have both worked on their own versions of the same demonstration, and only one version can be kept. As such, anyone is free to override reservations as long as they don't mind having to scrap their version if the person who reserved the demonstration posts their version reasonably soon.

Some conditions must be met in order to reserve a demonstration:

  • There must not be another valid reservation on the demonstration
  • The item must not have been released in the past week (this condition doesn't apply if the item is up for redo in less than a week)
  • The reservation is only valid for two weeks after being posted on the talk page
  • One person may not hold more than 4 reservations at a time unless all of their reservations apply to closely-related items for which the demonstrations would have a lot of overlap (for example, five reskins of the same item or five Pyroland items)
  • For weapon demonstrations that need to be redone and that have been up for redo for less than a week, the creator of the previous version may override any reservation on that demonstration and have their reservation take priority. To do this, the creator must explicitly post within 48 hours of the section appearing on the talk page and must have less than 4 other active reservations.
  • If you have had less than 5 weapon demonstration videos approved in the past, you can only reserve demonstrations for weapons that have been released for over 2 weeks. This is to ensure that new weapon demonstrations primarily get done by weapon demonstrators who already know how to create a video meeting all the requirements, thus having quick review time.

To reserve a weapon, please write {{Reservation|~~~~}} at the top of the weapon's section on the talk page. If the section does not exist, you may create it. Make sure your signature contains your Wiki username.

Useful information

Below is a list of console commands that might help when demonstrating more complex weapon behaviors. Most of these work only when sv_cheats has been set to 1.

General console commands

  • bind <key> <command> - Binds a key to a command. Use this to use one of the below commands without opening the console window (for final take) if you don't want to edit it out.
  • impulse 101 - Restores the player's health and ammo.
  • hurtme <number> - Deals the stated amount of damage to the player. Can be used with a negative number to heal or overheal yourself.
  • getpos - Displays the current position and rotation (aiming angle) of the player in x, y, and z coordinates.
  • setpos <x y z> - Teleports the player to a given position. Use the numbers acquired from getpos to place yourself into that same exact position.
  • setang <x y z> - Sets the view angle of the player, akin to setpos. Use with the numbers from getpos to make your crosshair point the exact same way. The <z> parameter should be left at 0, or else the camera will appear to be tilting onto its side.
  • ent_create <entity name> - Spawns a Health pack or Ammo box at the player's crosshair when used with entity names item_ammopack_small, item_ammopack_medium, item_ammopack_full, item_healthkit_small, item_healthkit_medium, or item_healthkit_full.
To make the process easier, you can use this script, which binds the spawning of Health packs and Ammo boxes to Numpad keys.
  • changelevel <map name> - Changes the current map without rebooting the server, as opposed to the map command. You can use it with the name of the current map to reload the map, cleaning it of bodies, excess blood, and bullet marks.
Example: changelevel tr_target_weaponref_hdr
  • r_cleardecals - Clears all decals (blood and bullet holes) from the map.
  • addcond 35 - Places the player under a permanent crit boost. Use removecond 35 to get rid of it.
  • cl_jiggle_bone_framerate_cutoff - the minimum framerate at which the weapon's jigglebones still work. It's set to 45 fps by default, lower it to the desired value if you're rendering at low FPS.
  • ent_fire team_round_timer addtime <number> - Adds time to the timer of the round. Can be used with a negative number to remove time instead.

Bot scripting commands

  • bot -team -class -name - Adds a puppet bot with the specified parameters. For the sake of consistency, the bots' names must correspond with their classes, with a prefix "Friendly" if it's on the BLU team, and have a single-digit postfix if there is more than one bot of the same class on the given team. This command is not to be confused with addbot, which adds an AI-controlled bot instead of a puppet bot.
Example: bot -team blu -class medic -name "Friendly Medic"; bot -team red -class heavy -name "Heavy 1"; bot -team red -class heavy name "Heavy 2"
  • bot_command <bot name> <console command> - Makes the specified bot perform the specified command. Particularly useful for making engineer bots enter build mode.
Example: bot_command "Friendly Engineer" build <number from 0 to 3> (0 for the Dispenser, 1 for the Teleporter Entrance, 2 for the Sentry, and 3 for the Teleport Exit)
  • bot_mimic <0 or 1> - Makes all the bots mimic the player's actions.
Example: In order to make a Spy disguise, you need to perform the keystrokes for disguising while playing as a Spy and having the mimic option enabled. Similarly, the only way to make Engineer bots rotate buildings is to press Mouse2 with the mimic option on. Note that Engineer bots will not mimic you creating buildings as an Engineer, you must use bot_command <bot name> build <number> instead.
  • bot_mimic_yaw_offset <angle from 0 to 360> - Makes the bots face in a direction this angle from the player while the bot_mimic is active. By default it's set to 180 so bots face the player when stared at.
  • bot_dontmove <0 or 1> - Allows or prevents all bots from moving. Takes priority over bot_mimic.
  • bot_refill - Restores ammo and health for all bots.
  • bot_teleport <name> <x y z x1 y1 z1> - Teleports the specified bot to the given coordinates. X, y and z define the position and x1, y1 and z1 define where the bot aims its weapon. The needed numbers can be acquired by placing yourself on the bot's desired future position and using the getpos command.
  • cc_bot_selectweapon <name> <slot> - Forces a bot to switch to a specified weapon slot.
Example: cc_bot_selectweapon heavy 2 will make a bot named "Heavy" switch to his Fists.
  • bot_forcefireweapon <weapon name> - Makes all the bots fire the specified weapon if they possess it. This can be used to make only one bot fire his weapon, instead of all the bots when using the bot_forceattack command. If the weapon name is invalid, all bots will stop firing. Scout and Engineer pistols are regarded as different weapons, and so are Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, and Engineer shotguns. See this page for a full list of valid weapon names.
alias "+rocket" "bot_forcefireweapon tf_weapon_rocketlauncher";
alias "-rocket" "bot_forcefireweapon randomword";
alias "+flame" "bot_forcefireweapon tf_weapon_flamethrower";
alias "-flame" "bot_forcefireweapon herpderp";
bind f +flame;
bind t +rocket
Pictogram comment.png Note: Bots cannot equip non-stock weapons or items. If you need an enemy character to use an unlockable weapon, you'll need a second human player to play as that character. Feel free to ask for cooperation on the discussion page.
  • bot_forceattack <0 or 1> - Make all bots perform their primary attack (+attack)
  • bot_forceattack2 <0 or 1> - Make all bots perform their secondary attack (+attack2)
Whilst the above two commands may not seem as immediately useful as bot_forecefireweapon, they are best suited to making a bot perform their secondary fire for a weapon. For example, using the following code, you can make Sniper bots scope-in or Spy bots engage their cloak:
alias +cloak "bot_forceattack 1; bot_forceattack2 1"
alias -cloak "bot_forceattack 0; bot_forceattack2 0"
bind key +cloak

Pictogram comment.png Note: You cannot alias or bind a bot action to a key if the bot's name has spaces in it. This can be avoided by creating a config file containing the desired commands and binding the execution of said file to a key.

bind p "bot_teleport Friendly Spy x y z x1 y1 z1" - Wrong.
bind p "exec action.cfg" while the file action.cfg contains bot_teleport Friendly Spy x y z x1 y1 z1 - Correct.

List of screen recording programs

These programs have been successfully used to create weapon demonstrations videos in the past.



  • T (Talk): Link to talk page section
  • D (thumbnail Download): Direct link to the thumbnail image. Turns red when there is no thumbnail uploaded. How to make thumbnails.
  • U (thumbnail Upload): Link to thumbnail upload page. The file name and description are automatically populated; only the image file needs to be selected from the user's computer.

Due to MediaWiki limitations, D and U need to be both displayed at all times, even though they are mutually exclusive.






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