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The Spy
Gameplay/Commentary video about the Hidden
The Hidden gameplay

The Hidden is a custom game mode originally created as a mod for Half Life 2 brought over to TF2 by M28 and updated by atomic-penguin and daniel-murray.


  • The Hidden uses Arena rules, but pits a lone BLU Spy (as the titular "Hidden") against everyone else on the server.
  • The lone Spy possesses some special abilities, such as invulnerability to afterburn and bleeding, slightly increased health, the ability to leap, cling to walls, and dash, as well as a longer Cloak duration and ability to "Scare!" (causing the enemies to be stunned, akin to the Boo! taunt from the Horseless Headless Horsemann) enemies which slowly recharges after use and the ability to throw 3 grenades that have to be reloaded.
  • The "Hidden" is cloaked at all times, apart from when attacking or leaping. The Cloak slowly drains, but is slightly replenished if the "Hidden" makes a kill. The "Hidden's" health is also slightly replenished upon successfully killing an enemy. If the "Hidden's" Cloak meter is half-way or less , a notice beside his health will announce he is : STARVING , in which drains his health at a slow pace until he receives a kill, or dies in the process.
  • The "Hidden" has the ability to "dash" (default key: MOUSE2), which makes the "Hidden" quickly go to the desired place; however, this will cause the "Hidden" to uncloak.
  • The "Hidden" can use the "Boo" ability by pressing the reload key (default key: R); this makes players stunned.
  • The "Hidden" can throw his grenades by pressing the Medic Call-out key (default key: E); this throws a small radius grenade.
  • Players on the opposing team of the Spy have a green outline similar to that used by the coaching system, and akin to the one used in the original mod.
  • Players killed by the "Hidden" suffer a distinctive death by disintegration: they turn black, hover in mid-air while performing a specific disintegration animation surrounded by team-colored particles, and then disappear into thin air. A message is also displayed on some servers to every player saying "The Hidden killed <player> and ate his body".
  • Some weapons that the Red team use can be modified, such as the Half-Zatoichi draining the users health by 60 but rewards 45 hp every landed hit, but servers may disable this function.
  • To balance the gameplay, the Pyro's health is decreased to 75-80 and the Sniper's Razorback decreases him to 80 base hp.


  • The mod is based on another mod for the Source Engine, also titled the "The Hidden".
  • The "Hidden's" Perspective Of View is slightly tinted green with transparent red rings and black rounded corners.
  • The "Hidden" is also known as the "Super Spy Mod"

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