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While the Wiki Staff (even administrators) are unable to fully delete accounts on the Team Fortress Wiki due to limitations of the software, users that no longer wish to have their account publicly present on the Team Fortress Wiki may request a deletion of any self-made content created and/or uploaded within their user space, including the user page. Users may also request their edits to be hidden in the History tab and/or have their account renamed to DeletedUserXXXX. The aforementioned task(s) can only be carried out by administrators, however.

The Team Fortress Wiki does not collect any personal data aside from the email address used to sign up with, if provided; your email address will not be shown publicly at any time and is also anonymous to the staff and administrators. Users can remove or change their email address under their Preferences at any time, located in the top-right navigation menu.

Please also note that your IP address is logged, and that administrators may need to look it up in case of any suspicious activity, such as block evasion or sockpuppetry.