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Mrgh mhy! (Light me!)
The Pyro, taunting

The Thermal Thruster is a secondary weapon for the Pyro. It is a team-colored, metallic jetpack with two rocket thrusters, one on each side (with the right thruster bearing the Pyro's emblem), and an enclosed yellow light on the top. When switching to the weapon, the backpack's thrusters fold outwards, exposing two handles which the Pyro holds in each hand. Switching away causes the thrusters and handles to fold inwards into the backpack.

The Thermal Thruster functions as a mobility tool, which stores two jetpack charges. Each charge is regained after 15 seconds and charges can be used underwater. Additionally, the Thermal Thruster is locked at a 0.8 second holster duration, even with weapons that reduce draw/holster time such as the Degreaser.

On use, the Pyro performs an initial liftoff, sending it a short distance upwards. Shortly after, the Pyro will take off with a quick blast that launches the player in the direction they are aiming; the beginning of the jump also extinguishes any nearby teammates and pushes nearby enemies away. Upon landing, the Pyro will knock nearby enemies back; should the Pyro fall from a high enough altitude and land on an enemy (when the player makes a cartoony "falling" noise), the resultant stomp will deal 3x standard falling damage, much like the Mantreads. The knockback dealt on enemies is determined by how high the Pyro jumps from when the Thermal Thruster is activated. If a jetpack charge is not used, the Pyro will not cause stomp damage even if landing on an opponent.

Despite not being listed in the description, the player receives an added 30% knockback from all damage sources while this item is equipped, and takes reduced falling damage while using jetpack charges.

Using a second charge in midair is not possible, but in Mann Vs. Machine there is an upgrade that allows the user to do that when purchased.

Taunting with the Thermal Thruster equipped will perform the Gas Blast kill taunt.

The Thermal Thruster can be found through random drops. Alternatively, it can be earned by completing the Pyroland Contract "The Thermal Thruster", which grants an untradable and unmarketable Thermal Thruster as a Contract reward.

Damage and function times

See also: Damage
Damage and function times
Shot type Impact
Damage type Falling (maximum of 3500 HU/s)
Base damage 100% 10 damage + 3x potential fall damage
Function times
Recharge time 15 s x 2
Effect duration ~1.4 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.


Update history

October 20, 2017 Patch #1 (Jungle Inferno Update)
  • Added the Thermal Thruster to the game.

October 20, 2017 Patch #2

  • Fixed not being able to use the Thermal Thruster after taunting with it.

October 23, 2017 Patch

  • Fixed players being able to use the Thermal Thruster during the freeze period at the beginning of the round.

October 26, 2017 Patch

  • Fixed the Thermal Thruster not doing 3x damage when landing on enemies.
  • The Thermal Thruster no longer fully stuns mini-bosses in Mann vs. Machine mode.

October 27, 2017 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Removed the "Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on" attribute from the Thermal Thruster's description. The item still functions the same.

December 13, 2017 Patch

  • Updated the Thermal Thruster stomp damage on other players to be 3x the base fall damage, not the reduced fall damage of the owner.

December 21, 2017 Patch #1 (Smissmas 2017)

  • Fixed a case where it was possible to use the Thermal Thruster twice in one launch.

March 28, 2018 Patch #1

  • Holster time reduced to 0.8 seconds (from 1.1).
  • Fixed the Thermal Thruster launch effects only being visible to the wearer.
  • Added a unique particle effect whenever a player performs a "Stomp" attack on another player with the Thermal Thruster.

April 12, 2018 Patch

  • Added a stomp animation to Pyro that plays when coming down after blasting off from the Thermal Thruster.

April 26, 2018 Patch

  • Added the Thermal Thruster to the list of obtainable items by drop.

May 17, 2018 Patch

  • Fixed an animation bug related to the Thermal Thruster and changing class while holstering it.


  • Rarely, hitting the Resupply locker while the Thermal Thruster is recharging can cause the game to crash.
  • Despite what the description suggests, the Pyro can launch backwards by using a charge while moving backwards.
  • Sometimes, the Thermal Thruster will not appear on other players who have it equipped.
  • The Thermal Thruster is always deactivated in the Loadout menu, whether or not the animation is playing.
  • When player models are enabled in the HUD, the Thermal Thruster will appear as RED, regardless of the team.
  • When the player dies with the Thermal Thruster equipped, the player will still have it on their back and there will also be another one dropped that can be picked up.
  • The Thermal Thruster may disappear on disguised Spies.
  • Despite the April 12, 2018 Patch fixing an issue with the Thermal Thruster animation, if the Pyro switches weapons when falling from a high place, the Pyro will be in a reference pose until they reach the ground again.
  • If the Pyro dies while the Thermal Thruster is active, it will still appear in its activated animation despite the Pyro holding a different weapon.
    • This can be fixed by switching to the Thermal Thruster again.
  • If the Pyro picks up a weapon while the Thermal Thruster is active, some of its attributes will still be retained, letting the player take less fall damage, and giving them the ability to stomp players by landing on them.[1]
    • If the Pyro also picks up a secondary weapon during a specific time in the Thermal Thruster launch, the Pyro will receive the parachute attribute from the B.A.S.E. Jumper, but cannot retract the parachute until the player touches the ground.
    • If the Pyro enters water when using a charge, the attributes stated above will also stay until the player touches the ground.
  • If the Pyro uses a charge while above water, the charge animation and the Swimming animation will play at the same time if the Pyro keeps moving.
    • This can be fixed by touching the ground or stopping movement.
  • Sometimes, when launching into the Resupply Locker, the sound the Thermal Thruster creates while launching will continue to play until the player dies.

Unused content

  • The Thermal Thruster has a third, unused texture that replaces the color with pink, and seems to have been drawn on in blue and yellow crayon, giving it a Pyroland aesthetic.
  • The Thermal Thruster has unused animations in its model. Including a "taunt_rocketpack_intro" taunt that appears to have been the begining of a moving taunt in which Pyro would hover above the ground.


  • This item cannot be worn with any backpack cosmetics, as they occupy the same equip region.
  • The Pyro is able to voice their melee dare voice commands while using the Thermal Thruster, despite it being classified as a secondary utility weapon.
  • This item does not have an inspect animation.


  • The Thermal Thruster was featured before Day 3 of the Jungle Inferno event (when it was officially announced). It can be seen at the end of the Jungle Inferno teaser and the bottom of the Day 1 page for the update.


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